About us

Sanza Innovation Group Services Ltd Corp is founded to address the uprising high-quality needs at an affordable cost for our clients in the Business Process Outsourcing industry. Our client’s needs as well as customer satisfaction and retention are our top priorities. Driven by the passion to serve, as our clients and customers deserve better, and following a thorough market study and exploration, coupled with the need to create jobs for the world, we came up with the idea to establish a BPO contact center to uphold our core priorities and values. Our undertaking is organized into two main categories such as inbound and outbound. We cater to service management, telemarketing, back office, and many more to answer the above-mentioned needs. With its range of services, Sanza Innovation Group Services ltd Corp brings to the world a unique approach to customer satisfaction and retention.

On top of the cost advantage, our services ensure quick and accurate responses to our clients and customers. Through inventive tools, we deliver long-term sustainable benefits to our clients. Our current and prospective clients can make significant savings by using our extensive range of service.

Aim, Mission, Strategic Priority & Values


Committed to providing superior value to our clients is located in a commercial headquarter with backup facilities and equipped with the latest technologies in town. We focus on using technology in a way that translates into real business benefits for our clients. Advanced technology gives our clients complete confidence that their customers will receive a reliable, quality service with state-of-the-art functionality and efficiency.  

Our network is one of the latest advancements in the IT industry using the new enhanced CAT6 caballing for lighting speeds of data transfer. Our telecommunication infrastructure consists of Altitude solutions with fiber optic International Private Lease Circuit (IPLC) connected to mux at both ends which transfers voice and data information at 4MB/second; allowing for clean consistent voice transmission with no delay.


Our Team is made of dedicated outstanding professionals who ensure that every agent delivers quality service at every customer contact as any contact matters for us. Our Customer Service Agents are multilingual and considerate problem solvers. We only employ highly skilled agents in the Philippines who provide superior customer care. We train them to efficiently track customer service requests and immediately route customer queries based on their training and expertise.

Our devotion to training produces superior customer service. Agents receive one month of in-depth training on core skills, including communication, customer service, and sales.  SIGS also provides extensive training on client Programs and ongoing training and quality improvement. We have an in-house quality monitoring process that utilizes formal instruments of measurement. This process establishes exceptional quality levels and tracks an agent's performance based on the following criteria: Competence levels Communication with customers and most importantly quality and customer satisfaction.


Leadership team

Junior Sanza Elumbe

President & CEO

Goce Pendaroviski

Chief Commercial Officer


Chief Financial Officer